FITS Rider: Laine E. Ashker

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Laine E. Ashker

Lives In: Crozier VA
DOB: 2/10/84

Anthony Patch,


Harbor Pilot,


Laine lives in Crozier, VA, where she and her mother run Crow's Ear Farm. She has had "the amazing experience of riding for Area II in three Junior Olympics bringing home two team bronze and an individual silver."  In addition, Laine has competed successfully through the four star level aboard three horses that she trained herself. In partnership with these wonderful horses Laine has won The Markham Trophy, USEF Highest Placed Under 25 Championship, and USEF Highest Place Owner/Rider.  In 2005, Laine was the highest placed American at Blenheim Petplan CCI*** in England aboard Eight Saint James Place. She was the only American to finish the cross-country course that year.  In 2007, Laine cherished the opportunity to represent her country in the Olympic Test event held in Hong Kong riding Anthony Patch.  In 2008, Laine was placed on the Winter Training List with Frodo Baggins and the Developing Riders List with Anthony Patch.

Leading up to Rolex 2008, Laine was the third highest ranked event rider in the US, riding her own Frodo Baggins and Christine Brennan's Mazetto. After riding a clean round with Mazetto at Rolex, she and Frodo Baggins had a catastrophic fall that ended her quest to ride in the 2008 Olympics. Frodo tragically was euthanized as a result of his injuries. Despite this heart-breaking loss, and her own life threatening injuries Laine was riding again within two months. Asked about coming back from such a devastating experience, Laine said "Our sport is one of fractions- a fraction of a second or a fraction of an inch can make all the difference in the world.  I am so grateful and heartened by the outpouring of support from people all over the country and the world who have done so much to help.  In addition, it is a great comfort to me that the timing of our accident spurred action to make our sport safer for all participants, particularly our beloved horses. My plans now are to learn every lesson I can from the experience and persevere."

Laine's hopes and dreams continue. Her present goals are for she and her horses to have a successful and safe year in 2009 with high hopes to be scouted for the WEG in 2010. Laine continues to dream of representing the USA in the Olympics.  She is reminded of this goal every night as she stares at the 1996 Olympic Eventing poster on her ceiling that is signed by one of her fellow competitors and idols, Karen O'Conner.

In addition to her riding career, Laine is a dean's list graduate of the University of Virginia where she majored in Foreign Affairs specializing in the Middle East and minoring in Global Culture and Commerce. Laine is fluent in Arabic and Spanish.  (Stay in school kids!) She has a devoted group of students who compete in Eventing and in Dressage. Her students have had outstanding results and continue to move up the levels in both disciplines.

Laine E. Ashker:  International Competitor, Rider, Trainer, Instructor, Clinician

Learn more about Laine E. Ashker at www.LaineAshkerEventing.com